Collaborating in different timezones in an educational context.

How can we make virtual internalization happen within an educational context?

The Netherlands is one of the most international countries in the world. As Dutch companies grow they spread across the globe, creating international career opportunities. This is one of the reasons many graduated students are working in international environments. But how can a university start preparing students for this international work field?

In project Trinopsis we are developing a toolkit which enables students from different timezones to work together in one team. We see the difference in cultural background not as a weakness but as a reinforcement. The challenge to create engagement between the timezones and forming one global team is one of the key learnings for the students.

A big part of the project is focussed on the question: ‘How do people experience engagement while working with an international team?’. To answer this question we are talking to companies with the experience of working remote. These companies know how to build a team without seeing each other at the water cooler.

We are developing the toolkit in 20 weeks time. At this moment we are at the beginning of the project and gaining insights from students, alumnus and people from the (international) work field.

Trinopsis is a project commisioned by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

Omlijning wit onderkantOmlijning wit onderkant

We are team Hopscotch: four Communication and Multimedia Design students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, all at the beginning of our careers. In 2012 we started our Bachelor study and during the years we learned to build digital products for all kinds of audiences. This is our third big project working together as a team. Check out our other project.

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team hopscotch - spring 2016